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Veljko Petrović Foundation

By Aleksandar | 24 September, 2021 |

Veljko Petrović Foundation Veljko Petrović Gymnasium Foundation The Foundation of the Gymnasium “Veljko Petrović” Sombor was founded as a non-governmental, non-profit, voluntary organization to obtain scholarships for young people. The goals of the foundation are, among other things, the organization of seminars, educational camps, workshops, forums, and panel discussions; public gatherings dedicated to science, culture,…

Art Aparat

By Aleksandar | 24 June, 2021 |

Art Aparat Art Aparat was founded in 2015, with the desire to use music and sound as a tool for making a change in society. Through different projects, we focus our support to those who don’t have so many opportunities to learn and develop their skills and who often feel excluded and isolated. Here are…

Sergei Polunin Foundation

By Aleksandar | 9 April, 2021 |

Sergei Polunin Foundation Sergei Polunin is one of the world’s most pre-eminent ballet dancers. Sergei Polunin was born on November 20, 1989, in Kherson (Ukrainian SSR). At the age of 13, he moved to London where he studied at the British Royal Ballet School. At the age of 19, Sergei Polunin was named the Royal…

Children’s Philharmonic Orchestra – Music, a universal language that breaks down boundaries and builts bridges

By Uros | 12 October, 2020 |

The “Deca deci” Foundation and the Children’s Philharmonic Orchestra are a non-profit organization founded in 2007, in cooperation with the Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra and under the auspices of the Belgrade City Assembly. The foundation brings together experts from various fields, lovers of classical music and aims to promote the musical education of children in the…

Don’t litter. No Excuses!

By Uros | 26 August, 2020 |

DON’T LITTER. NO EXCUSES! Don’t Litter. No Excuses! is one of the core long-term projects and comprehensive public campaigns that SBB Foundation has developed and implemented in five years. The aim of the Project is to raise awareness on the importance of environmental protection amongst children and adults in Serbia. The main activities within the Project…

Nisville Jazz Festival

By Aleksandar | 26 June, 2020 |

Nishville Jazz Festival The International Nisville Jazz Festival is the most visited jazz festival in Southeast Europe, since its establishment in 1995. From the begining, Nisville Jazz Festival consistently defend the European values of multiculturalism and patiently tend the sophisticated musical taste of individuals. Confirmation of this, among other things, was publication in the European…

Boxing Club Radnicki

By Aleksandar | 1 May, 2020 |

Boxing Club Radnicki Belgrade BC Radnicki Belgrade is a combination of tradition and victory. An unbreakable chain of desire for success and duration. It is the oldest boxing club in Serbia with a tradition of more than 100 years. It was founded in 1920. Awarded with 9 titles of team national champion, thirty-eight titles of…

Music and Art Project

By Aleksandar | 1 May, 2020 |

Music and Art Project (MAP) Music Art Project (MAP) is an organization that has been working for 6 years to provide perspective and a new chance and hope for equality for socially endangered children and children from displaced areas through its “Music of Hope” (Muzika Nade) program. This educational and socially inclusive model is applied…

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Kapetan Mišin breg

By Aleksandar | 20 April, 2022

Kapetan Mišin breg Only a few kilometers above Donji Milanovac, in Eastern Serbia, there is a special village called Kapetan Mišin Breg. It is an ecological ethno complex placed in the very heart of the Djerdap Gorge. Situated on a 173m tall knoll above the Danube, it offers a magnificent view over the Gorge. How…

Music Art Project – Music of hope Spring 2022

By Aleksandar | 18 April, 2022

Music Art Project – Music of Hope Spring 2022 Our little friends from the Music Art Project on Sunday, April 17, 2022, with the start at 11 am on the premises of the municipality of Zemun, organized another great concert. Another spring in Zemun was colored with the music of hope. See what it all…

International Day of Sport for Development and Peace

By Aleksandar | 5 April, 2022

International Day of Sport for Development and Peace The first modern Olympic Games in 1896 are the reason why the 6th of April was declared as the International Day of Sport for Development and Peace (IDSDP). It has been brought by the General Assembly of the United Nations (UN) in 2013 and it has been…

April Fool’s Day

By Aleksandar | 1 April, 2022

April Fool’s Day Today, on April Fool’s Day, Click for Serbia invites you to laugh as much as possible; smile at yourself in the mirror, smile at your neighbors, people you know and those you don’t know, show love with a smile. In the tradition of Serbian language, we come across a well-known saying: “He…

The Uvac River’s spectacular meanders

By Aleksandar | 1 April, 2022

The Uvac River’s spectacular Meanders Uvac is an international transboundary river, rising under Golija mountain and Pešter plateau. It flows through southwestern Serbia forming a magnificent canyon. Uvac represents the morphological whole of Starovlaška highland. The region has a specific relief that meanders up to a hundred meters high are meandering. For a thousand years,…

International Forest Day

By Aleksandar | 21 March, 2022

International Forest Day This year marks the tenth anniversary of the United Nations International Forest Day – an event that has been celebrated every March 21st since 2012. Experts estimate that forests, or forestation, are one of the imperatives of collective efforts to slow down the negative trends of climate change. Furthermore, forests are recognized…

How to become a superhero of super behavior – coloring book and table mats

By Aleksandar | 17 March, 2022

How to become a superhero of super behavior As part of the educational projects, “Click for Serbia” has made a Bon Ton book and Bon Ton coloring book, which you can order by submitting a contact form on our website. After receiving an automatic confirmation of subscription, “Click for Serbia” will send you an electronic…

FIDE Grand Prix winners

By Aleksandar | 15 March, 2022

FIDE Grand Prix winners Click for Serbia welcomes the efforts of the Chess Federation of Serbia to return world chess to Serbia. The organization of such a great event at such a high level gives us the right to hope that great chess tournaments will take place in Serbia in the coming years. Click for…

Fide Grand Prix

By Aleksandar | 11 March, 2022

FIDE Grand Prix The road to the chess throne this year goes through Belgrade. As in every sport, the most important event in chess is the tournament in which the world champion is decided. Unlike, say, football, where the world champion is decided every four years, chess fans have the opportunity to enjoy the World…

Jelena Karadjordjević Petrovna

By Aleksandar | 8 March, 2022

Jelena Karađorđević – Petrovna In the new episode of Serbian-Russian medallions, we bring you the story of a great woman, the somewhat forgotten Princess Jelena Karadjordjevic, known in Russia as Princess Petrovna. She was born in a very turbulent time, which followed her throughout her life. She survived the Balkan Wars, the First World War,…

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