Ortadox Christmas

Orthodox believers, whose church observes the old Julian calendar, celebrate Christmas, the birth of Jesus Christ, on January 7. It is preceded by the Christmas fast, which lasts from November 28 to January 6. The main goals of fasting are glorifying God, cleansing the soul and body of bodily and spiritual passions. The Christmas celebration begins on Christmas Day, when the host brings the Christmas tree home, and the evening is filled with traditional customs.

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Christmas Eve is celebrated with a special ceremony, with a prayer for the health and happiness of the family. When the roast and straw are brought in, the host says a prayer, and dinner is served on the straw, symbolizing the birth of Jesus. On Christmas Day, debts are returned, and customs encourage peace, kindness and joy in the home. Children look for hidden gifts by imitating chickens, while česnika, a cake with symbols, is distributed at Christmas, bringing luck to whoever finds the coin.

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Tucindan, two days before Christmas, marks the preparation of the Christmas roast and decorating the house. The housewife prepares flour, dried fruit and candies. A roast, usually a pig, is cut up on Christmas Eve and brought into the house. Tucindan is also the time for the return of debts. Christmas is celebrated with a liturgy, greetings and a traditional greeting "Hristos se rodi!".


We congratulate all Orthodox believers on the most joyous holiday of Christmas with the words: "Mir Božji, Hristos se rodi!"

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