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School for Musical Talents from Ćuprija

By Uros | мај 31, 2020 |

The civilization preserved in the stone – blog series There are unbelievable stories about the extraordinary civilizations that inhabited the right bank of the Danube.

Fondacija gimnazije Veljko Petrovic

By Aleksandar | септембар 24, 2021 |

Veljko Petrović Foundation Veljko Petrović Gymnasium Foundation The Foundation of the Gymnasium “Veljko Petrović” Sombor was founded as a non-governmental, non-profit, voluntary organization to obtain scholarships for young people. The goals of the foundation are, among other things, the organization of seminars, educational camps, workshops, forums, and panel discussions; public gatherings dedicated to science, culture,…

Muzika kao univerzalni jezik koji briše prepreke i gradi mostove

By Uros | октобар 12, 2020 |

Fondacija „Deca deci“ i Dečja filharmonija neprofitna su organizacija osnovana 2007. godine, u saradnji sa Beogradskom filharmonijom, pod pokroviteljstvom Skupštine grada Beograda. Fondacija okuplja stručnjake iz različitih oblasti, ljubitelje klasične muzike i ima za cilj promociju edukacije dece u oblasti klasične muzike

Ne prljaj! Nemaš izgovor!

By Uros | август 26, 2020 |

NE PRLJAJ! NEMAŠ IZGOVOR! Ne prljaj. Nemaš izgovora! Jedan je od osnovnih dugoročnih projekata i sveobuhvatnih javnih kampanja koje je SBB fondacija razvila i sprovela u pet godina. Cilj…

Nišville Jazz Festival

By Aleksandar | јун 26, 2020 |

Nišville Jazz Festival The International Nisville Jazz Festival is the most visited jazz festival in Southeast Europe, since its establishment in 1995. From the begining, Nisville Jazz Festival consistently defend the European values of multiculturalism and patiently tend the sophisticated musical taste of individuals. Confirmation of this, among other things, was publication in the European…

Bokserski klub Radnički

By Aleksandar | мај 1, 2020 |

Bokserski klub Radnički Beograd Radnički je spoj tradicije i pobeda. To je najstariji bokserski klub u Srbiji sa tradicijom dugom više od 100 godina. Osnovan je 1920. Nagrađen sa 9 titula timskog državnog prvaka, trideset i osam titula…

Music and Art Project

By Aleksandar | мај 1, 2020 |

Muzički i umetnički projekat (MAP) Muzički umetnički projekat (MAP) je organizacija koja već šest godina radi na pružanju nove šanse i nade u ravnopravnost socijalno ugrožene dece i dece iz raseljenih područja kroz svoju „Muzika nade“ Program (Muzika Nade). Ovaj obrazovni i socijalno inkluzivni model se primenjuje ...

Sergej Polunin Fondacija

By Aleksandar | април 9, 2021 |

Zadužbina Sergeja Polunina Sergej Polunin je jedan od najistaknutijih baletskih igrača na svetu. Sergej Polunin rođen je 20. novembra 1989. godine u Hersonu (Ukrajinska SSR). Sa 13 godina preselio se u London gde je studirao u Britanskoj kraljevskoj baletskoj školi. U dobi od 19 godina, Sergej Polunin imenovan je kraljevskim ..

Art Aparat

By Aleksandar | јун 24, 2021 |

Art Aparat Art Aparat was founded in 2015, with the desire to use music and sound as a tool for making a change in society. Through different projects, we focus our support to those who don’t have so many opportunities to learn and develop their skills and who often feel excluded and isolated. Here are…

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By Aleksandar | септембар 12, 2022

Manasija Šumadija and Western Serbia are often forgotten when mentioning the natural and cultural riches that Serbia has, while the focus mostly stays on Belgrade or the far south of Serbia. However, 130 kilometers south of Belgrade, there is the well-known town of Despotovac, which has just over 4,000 people in its urban part, and…


By Uros | август 24, 2022

AMAZING SUCCESS OF SERBIAN ATHLETES IN MUNICH Two days ago, the European Championship in Munich (link), an event that “gathers nine sports under one roof” ended. It made the biggest sporting event in Germany since the 1972 Olympics. The Serbian delegation consisted of fourteen sportsmen and women who competed in 12 disciplines, and while the…

Chess Olympiad in Chennai: Excellent results, even better impression

By Aleksandar | август 10, 2022

Chess Olympiad in Chennai (India) – The results are excellent, the impression is even better Yesterday, the last, 11th round, of the 44th Chess Olympiad was played in Chennai, in which the men’s and women’s chess teams of Serbia participated. In the final ranking, the women’s national team took a high 13th place in the…

Evropska prvenstva 2022: konačna lista srpskih sportista

By Aleksandar | август 5, 2022

European Championship 2022: the final list of Serbian athletes This year in August (11.08. -21.08) the European Championship is held in Munich. The event is designed as a counterpart to the Olympic Games and is a set of European championships in different disciplines that are held within the same event, instead of separately. This year,…

Beogradska brodska tura

By Aleksandar | август 4, 2022

Belgrade boat cruise Top 9 sights to see while crusing Belgrade rivers After completing the blog series about the sights of Belgrade that can be seen from the Belgrade rivers, Click for Serbia brings you the video “Belgrade Boat Tour” in which we list 9 sights visible from the Sava and Danube rivers. Considering the…

Međunarodni dan mladih 2022

By Aleksandar | август 3, 2022

International Youth Day 2022 International Youth Day is celebrated on August 12, 2022, under the auspices of the United Nations. The keyword of this year’s event is “intergenerational solidarity.” Why is this the main slogan of this year’s youth day? Because, as experts from the United Nations claim, the world is facing the problem of…

Beograd sa vode deo 3

By Uros | јул 20, 2022

Belgrade from the water part 3 As part of the Belgrade from the Water series, we have written about three Belgrade bridges, sights on Kalemegdan that can be seen from the river, and the Contemporary art museum. With this blog, we finish the series, and in it, we bring you stories about the Ada Bridge,…

Beograd sa vode 2. deo

By Uros | јул 13, 2022

Belgrade from the water part 2 In the previous blog about the city sights that you can see by cruising the Belgrade rivers, we covered two sights that can be seen on Kalemegdan – Pobednik and Saborna Crkva, as well as the Museum of Contemporary Art, which is located downstream, on the other side of…

Civilizacija očuvana u kamenu: Vinčanski sistem vrednosti i začeci trgovine

By Uros | јун 17, 2022

A civilization preserved in stone: The Vinca’s system of values and the beginnings of trade In the previous blog about Vinča, we got to know Vinča’s construction. We have discovered the secret behind the artificial archeological hill that was created by sprinkling a layer of earth over torn houses, which we said were already energy…

Beograd sa vode

By Uros | јун 10, 2022

Belgrade from the rivers Perhaps the most beautiful part of any trip, and why we often return to many cities, is that a person can experience one city in many ways. We often visit cities on individual or organized walking tours because that is how we expose our senses to the greatest number of new…

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