School for Musical Talents from Ćuprija

Click for Serbia proudly announces the cooperation with the "School for Musical Talents" from Ćuprija.

This music school is a unique institution in Serbia, and besides it, there are only two such schools in the world: the "Central Music School" in Moscow and the "Yehudi Mehunin" School in London. What makes the "School for Musical Talents" unique is the ten-year music and general education, during which the students stay and live on the campus. The school prepares students for university-level music education. Currently, the school has 80 students from Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. Returning to the original idea of ​​the school's creators - Lazar Marjanović and Jovan Rakić, the "School for Musical Talents" plans to expand to other countries in the region in the coming years. So far, more than 240 young, professional musicians came out of this school. All students specialize in string instruments: violin, viola, cello and double bass.

The "School for Musical Talents" operates on the principle of "everything under one roof": musically gifted children of string orientation grow up together during their education, so they are rightly called "the great musical family". A unique curriculum of stronger intensity in the field of music teaching ensures the rapid progress of children, and dedicated professors and pedagogues contribute to children's excellence, allowing them to faster fulfill their musical potential.

Having in mind the rich history of the school, the extraordinary success of its students in domestic and foreign competitions, the "School for Musical Talents" received the status of a school of special national importance.

Watch the informative video that was created as part of the "Morning Program" in 2017:

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