Unique Music School in Ćuprija

In the heart of Ćuprija, there is a unique institution, the School for Musical Talents, which creates professional musicians from young talented artists with its unique approach to education. With a focus on musical and general educational improvement during ten years of schooling, this school provide its students, to become part of a special "Big Musical Family".


A similar philosophy is followed by only two other world pedagogical institutions - the Central Music School in Moscow and the Yehudi Menuhin School in London. Nevertheless, the School for Musical Talents in Ćuprija bears the specificity of a regional focus, currently gathering 80 talented students from different cities of Serbia, including Bosnia and Herzegovina. The school's ambition is to expand to the countries of the region, realizing the vision of its founders, professors Lazar Marjanović and Jovan Rakić, who originally founded it for the entire area of ​​the former Yugoslavia.


The school specializes in strings, providing education in violin, viola, cello and double bass. Through professional cooperation with the Faculty of Music in Belgrade, this institution is proud of more than 45 years of existence. With over 200 former students who have continued their education at colleges across the country and abroad, the school has become known for its impressive results.


In addition to its educational role, the School for Musical Talents actively participates in concert life, providing its contribution to the music scene both in the country and abroad. Students of the school also regularly participate in competitions, from domestic to international, achieving high results and winning prestigious awards.

This exceptional institution has the status of a School of special national importance, which further emphasizes its contribution to the development of music education in the country. The school for musical talents in Ćuprija is not only a place where you learn note by note; it is the place where future virtuosos are shaped, realizing their full musical potential.


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