Nikolay Raevsky

In the previous episode of Serbian-Russian medallions, we spoke about the substantial numbers of Russian volunteers about three thousand officers and soldiers who came to Serbia. We mentioned the name of Colonel Nikolai Nikolayevich Raevski.

Nikolai Nikolayevich Raevski comes from the old aristocratic Russian family Raevski, which has its aristocratic roots since the Middle Ages. His great-grandfather still fought as a general in the Russian army. Grandpa was also a student of that great war against Napoleon.

Today, we are bringing you a story about this extraordinary man. Nikolay was a very intriguing person, a man of a great education and a brilliant military career. He is better known for something else though. Nikolai himself was a model for the character of Count Alexei Vronsky from the famous novel "Anna Karenina".

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