Music of Hope Foundation

This innovative group music learning program, housed within children's and youth orchestras and choirs called Music of Hope, is much more than classical music education. It provides children with not only creative and organized time, but also a safe and inspiring environment off the streets. El Sistema model of music education, founded in 1975 in Venezuela by the visionary dr. José Antonio Abrea, lays the foundations for future society. This model focuses on the joy of group music making to strengthen children from different cultural backgrounds, allowing them to connect with their communities.


Source 1: Website - musicartpro

Image: Website - musicartpro
Image: Website - musicartpro

The results of this revolutionary approach are extraordinary. UNESCO declared El Sistema the best social-inclusive program in the world. The inspiration he provided has touched the lives of over 4 million children in more than 60 countries around the world. Ambassadors of this program, such as Yo Yo Ma, Claudia Abad, Placido Domingo, testify to the power of music as an instrument of change. Orchestras and Choirs of Hope not only create music, but also model inclusive communities based on respect, togetherness, cooperation and tolerance


Source 2: Image: Website - musicartpro


What the Music of Hope gives children is priceless - a sense of personal worth, belonging, self-efficacy and hope. This program not only saves children from potential dangers, but also builds the foundation for future development. The Music Art Project and El Sistema are not only about music. They are a symbol of hope, opportunity and transformation. Every child has the opportunity to discover their potential through this program and build a future filled with harmony. Let music be a guide to a brighter future!

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