The medieval fortress of Golubac

If visiting eastern Serbia, medieval fortress is a touristic location that should be on your must-see list. It is one of the most preserved medieval fortresses in Serbia as it was renovated a few years ago. The walls of Golubac defended the city many times and it is believed that they were built in the early 14th century. The fortress lies on the high cliff, at the entrance to the famous the Iron Gate. It is part of Djerdap National Park, which is one of the most famous national parks in Serbia.

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The initial look of fortress consisted of nine towers, and later Turks built an additional tower in order to strengthen the defence of the city. The final look of the Golubac fortress consists of ten towers that are separated in front, back, and upper city. It was built in a location where the Danube river is around 7 kilometers wide and it reminds of the sea.

There are many stories appointing to the origin name of this medieval fortress. According to the legend, an Ottoman Pasha was in love with the girl named Golubana, who refused to enter Pasha’s harem. In order to punish her, he tied up a girl to the rock where she died. Therefore, the fortress was named after Golubana as a memory to her.

Golubac,Serbia,Click for Serbia,click for serbia

The oldest and the most famous tower of the fortress in the Donzon tower also named the Hat Tower that has an octagonal base, while all other towers are built in square shape. The Hat Tower is also the strongest tower and it is named as the tower for the bravest visitors as it is the highest tower of the fortress and only the experienced hikers can visit it.

Golubac,Serbia,Click for Serbia,click for serbia

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