Christmas Event @ Children's Shelter

We have launched an independent project "Click for Kids" with which we want to bring joy and knowledge to the aborts, orphanages, and shelters in Serbia. Our BonTon illustrated coloring book "How to become a super hero of super-behavior" has found its place in the New Year's packages for the "Children's Shelter" in Krfska 7a in Belgrade. We made packages to bring joy for at least 180 children that are using „Children’s Shelter” Belgrade.

The friends from "Music Art Project", an organization that works on inclusion and development of children through music, were in charge of the good atmosphere. They’ve prepared a beautiful short play, which they performed with cello and two flutes.

They joy on Children’s faces was priceless and we all had a great time! Hopefully, more of this will come in future! Because, this is just the beginning!

As part of the same project, a collection of donations in the form of clothing is planned. It is also planned to organize educational workshops of computer literacy and English language for careless children.


Join us with this cause close to everyone’s heart.

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