Two days ago, the European Championship in Munich (link), an event that "gathers nine sports under one roof" ended. It made the biggest sporting event in Germany since the 1972 Olympics. The Serbian delegation consisted of fourteen sportsmen and women who competed in 12 disciplines, and while the impressions are slowly settling in, the only thing we can feel is satisfaction: Serbian athletes won four medals, one gold, two silver, and one bronze.


In addition to the great successes of our representatives, the eyes of the world public were focused on the Swede Duplantis (pole vault), the owner of the world and European record (6.21m), the best Olympic jumper and probably the best pole jumper ever. Athletics fans hoped that in Munich "Mondo" Duplantis could attack his records. However, after a successful jump of 6.05m and setting the championship record, Duplantis gave up further efforts and took home the gold medal.

But let's go back to the successes of Serbian athletes.

Bronze ANGELINA TOPIĆ – high jump

It's a common sports phrase that a medal that isn't gold shines as gold, but in some cases it might be the closest to the truth. Believe it or not, although the public in Serbia has known about Angelina for some time, this was her first major competition in senior competition. Although only seventeen years old, Topić managed to get a bronze medal by jumping a height of 1.93m (1.86m, 1.9m, 1.93m – all on the first attempt). The height of 1.95 turned out to be insurmountable on this occasion. Nevertheless, the jump of 1.93 was enough to bring her a bronze medal in the competition of senior women, and the place in sports history! She bacame the youngest ever European medalist in high jump.

Congratulations! See what the road to the bronze medal looked like, and enjoy the reactions of Angelina's father and the famous Serbian athlete Dragutin Topić.

Silver ADRIANA VILAGOŠ - javelin throw

The real fight was seen in the javelin throw! Greek woman Tzengo was convincing, throwing the javelin 65.81 meters, and until the last throw, Špotakova (60.68), Silegi (60.57) and Vilagoš (60.32) were in second, third, and fourth place respectively. However, in her last throw, Adriana Vilagoš achieved a result of 62.01 meters and thus secured a silver medal for herself and Serbia! Similar to Angelina Topić's bronze, Adriana's medal shines with a special luster. Although eighteen years old, Vilagoš came to Munich as the world junior champion from 2021, and not only did she not disappoint, but she delighted the Serbian and world public.

Silver ARMIN SINANCEVIĆ shoulder shot


Chronologically, Armin Sinančević brought Serbia its first medal in Munich, just a few days after his 26th birthday. Armin is called the "Miracle from Brodarevo" by the media, and the reason is really fascinating: he didn't do athletics at all until he was eighteen. And yet, work, discipline, belief in success, combined with a huge basic strength, managed to make Armin a recognizable name. Just this year, Armin was the champion of the Balkans, the champion at the Mediterranean Games, and now, as a final confirmation of excellence, the silver medal in Munich has arrived! Armin threw the ball an impressive 21.39 meters which was enough for silver! The gold went to the neighbors from Croatia, Mihaljević threw the ball the farthest (21.53m).


The greatest joy to the Serbian public was brought by Ivana Spanovic - Vuleta, the most experienced Serbian athlete in this competition, and while we mostly hoped and wished for the success of our other competitors, we all expected the success of Ivna Vuleta. However, those expectations inspired Vuleta rather than burdened her, and with the support of the entire Olympic Arena in Munich cheering her on, Ivana Vuleta jumped an extraordinary 7.06m in her first jump! The special charm of this medal is given by the context: after a series of injuries, she managed to regain the European crown, which she had to surrender due to injuries in 2018 in Berlin.

We congratulate all our sportsmen and women on the achieved results and wish them much success in the future.

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