Jelena Karađorđević - Petrovna

In the new episode of Serbian-Russian medallions, we bring you the story of a great woman, the somewhat forgotten Princess Jelena Karadjordjevic, known in Russia as Princess Petrovna.

She was born in a very turbulent time, which followed her throughout her life. She survived the Balkan Wars, the First World War, and two revolutions, the February and October revolutions.

Jelena Petrovna is the daughter of King Peter the First Karadjordjevic, she was born in Cetinje in 1884. She married Prince Jovan Konstantinovic, one of the leading figures of the great Romanov dynasty. The curiosity is that Jelena gave birth to the last Romanov in Tsarist Russia.

More about the life of our princess, listen through conversations with Mr. Slavenko Terzic, a permanent member of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts.

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