1% foundation, scholarships, education

The 1% Foundation

1% foundation, scholarships, education

The 1% Foundation aims to support young talented people from Serbia to fulfill their talents, ideas, and potentials. We support young scientists, researchers, and innovators by financially supporting their participation in international competitions. The principle that the 1% Foundation is guided by is based on the belief that each of us can contribute in a small way by supporting young people, thus creating positive change and improving the world we live in. If at least 1% of people support us and donate 1% of their time, knowledge, or money, together we can create significant changes for young people in Serbia.

Eurobank EFG Veliko srce

Scholarships, education, click fort serbia

Eurobank and the „Ana and Vlade Divac“ foundation have launched a humanitarian credit card MasterCard „Veliko Srce“ in February 2010 under the patronage of the Ministry of Education. Thanks to this foundation, 50 playgrounds in kindergarten, elementary schools and health institutions have been renewed.

Scholarships, education, click fort serbia
scholarships, educatiom


The Tempus Foundation supports higher education, enforces the educational programs of the EU, such as Erasmus Mundus, Program for lifelong learning, Jean Monnet, and Erasmus+, as well as different collaboration projects meant for every level of education. Foundation offers support for young people in Serbia through development, conception, and implementation of projects. Important projects are student exchange programs for master’s and doctor’s degree studies, with scholarships at selected leagues in Europe.


The Metal Foundation was established in 2006, which work, and projects are
focused on creativity improvements in field of science, culture, art, sports and all
other areas of social development.

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