International Forest Day

This year marks the tenth anniversary of the United Nations International Forest Day - an event that has been celebrated every March 21st since 2012. Experts estimate that forests, or forestation, are one of the imperatives of collective efforts to slow down the negative trends of climate change.

Furthermore, forests are recognized as an important factor in poverty alleviation and they are a crucial aspect of sustainable development goals. However the problem the world faced back in 2012 is the same one that it faces ten years later; namely, deforestation takes place at the alarming rate. The organizers of the international forest and trees day are the United Nations Forum on Forests and the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations. These two institutions collaborate with Governments, the Collaborative Partnership on Forests, and other relevant organizations in the field. They encourage all relevant actors to participate in a tree-planting campaign or if possible, the forestation.

Having in mind the importance of forests, we invite our readers to check out our blog section about Serbia and its nature beauties.

We particularly want to emphasize the importance of tree planting campaigns that our friends and partners from SBB foundation and the 1% foundation have had in the past and the current year.

SBB Viminacium

In December 2021 SBB foundation has planted more than 4000 trees of which 1500 were planted in Kikinda and 2600 in Viminacium and Pirot. A bit earlier, in Zrenjanin, SBB foundation have planted  550 trees together with volunteers from the “Society for Protection and Research of Birds in Serbia” and with the institution “Natural reservations Zrenjanin”. Particularly important location of forestation efforts took place in Kikinda considering that that region of  Serbia is the least forested one. SBB foundation officials have said that the main goal of the project “Let there be more forests, let us breathe nicer” is the contribution to the achieving of the European standard of forestation: 40% of a country should be covered in forests. Furthermore, with this action, SBB is hoping to “contribute to the cleaner air that we all need”. During the last weekend (19-20.03.2022), SBB has planted additional 1500 trees in Niš, and in the upcoming weeks, the tress will be planted in Belgrade and Gračanica. For the entire duration of the project, SBB has planted astonishing 12.000 trees, and more will be planted.

Zrenjanin SBB

Our friends from the 1% foundation who emphasize that it is enough for everyone to invest a little to improve a community, e.g. to invest 1% of their time or 1% of their money to achieve a lot together, they sent 150 trees in Belgrade in February 2022 as part of the "Tree for the Future" project. The 1% Foundation invites all interested parties to join the project as volunteers and thus "earn their own wood" - each planted tree "carries a completely ecological wooden plate with engraved action name and the name of the person who planted the tree or to whom the tree is dedicated."

Click for Serbia welcomes the efforts of partner organizations in the forestation of Serbia and invites its followers to get involved in some of the afforestation projects.

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