International Day of Sport for Development and Peace

The first modern Olympic Games in 1896 are the reason why the 6th of April was declared as the International Day of Sport for Development and Peace (IDSDP). It has been brought by the General Assembly of the United Nations (UN) in 2013 and it has been celebrated since 2014 each year.

The International Day of Sport for Development represents the opportunity to recognize the positive role sport and physical activity play in the community and people’s lives across the globe. The role of athletes is even more important, recognized as a driving factor to foster reconciliation, peace, tolerance, and development. The athlete’s role is highlighted as important to promote solidarity and tolerance among the participants and to communicate the same message to the fans all over the world.

Sport has the power to align our passion, energy, and enthusiasm around a collective cause. And that is precisely when hope can be nurtured, and trust can be regained. It is in our collective interest to harness the tremendous power of sport to help build a better and more sustainable future for all."

- UN Deputy Secretary-General Amina J. Mohammed

International Day of Sport for Development and Peace Background

The vast reach, and unparalleled international popularity are the reasons why sports and athletes are highlighted as important for the United Nation’s objectives for development and peace.

This positive influence that sports are bringing was signified by the adoption of the International Day of Sport for Development and Peace (IDSP) on the 6th of April. In the resolution (A/RES/67/296) that has been established for the celebration of this day the United’s Nation General Assembly:

invites States, the United Nations system and, in particular, the United Nations Office on Sport for Development and Peace, relevant international organizations, and international, regional and national sport organisations, civil society including, non-governmental organizations and the private sector, and all other relevant stakeholders to cooperate, observe and raise awareness of the International Day of Sport for Development and Peace."

Securing a Sustainable and Peaceful Future for All: The Contribution of Sport

Nowadays, the world is facing generational challenges from poverty and hunger to pandemics, climate changes and wars. More than ever, we need to overcome our differences and as one team tackle those obstacles to create a safer future for all of us.

#Sport4Climate – the role of sport in the communication of Climate Changes

The relationship between sport and climate change must be better understood because athletes are in a position to send the message to their audience around the world. Fans around the globe are interested in what athletes have to say on television, newspapers, on their profiles on social networks. The voice of athletes is heard far and wide, so it is important to involve them in sending important messages such as climate change.

We invite you to join the UN web event organized by the UN YouTube channel to learn more about specific actions and plans. The event will be hosted by UN Under-Secretary-General Melissa Fleming.


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