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“Serbian-Russian medallions“ – Episode 4: Nikolay Nikolayevich Raevsky

Nikolay Raevsky In the previous episode of Serbian-Russian medallions, we spoke about the substantial numbers of Russian volunteers about three thousand officers and soldiers who came to Serbia. We mentioned the name of Colonel Nikolai Nikolayevich Raevski. Nikolai Nikolayevich Raevski comes from the old aristocratic Russian family Raevski, which has its aristocratic roots since the…
Serbian architecture through history

Serbian architecture through history III

Serbian architecture through history III The story of the development of Serbian and architecture would not be complete at all if we did not take into account the influences of fortification architecture. Fortresses and “fortress cities” have been gaining importance since the early Middle Ages. The need to protect royal castles and urban settlements and…
Serbian Chess

The Rebirth of Serbian Chess

The Rebirth of Serbian Chess In September this year, the Serbia Chess Federation (SCF) celebrated 73 years since its founding. Throughout its history, it has been home to many chess players of all ages, holders of various chess titles, who with their joint successes have contributed to the unquestionable development of chess culture both in…

Polunin Ink – fund raising event in Belgrade

Polunin Ink – fund raising event A fund-raising gala event of the Polunin Ink Foundation was held on September 28 at 8 pm at the National Theater in Belgrade. For two years now, the foundation has been dedicated to the further development, modernization, and popularization of ballet. At the gala event held at the National…
Serbian architecture through history

Serbian architecture through history II

Serbian architecture through history II Today’s time machine, we begin with the reign of King Milutin. During his rule, mining in Serbia developed, which enabled the strengthening of the Serbian economy and thus more money to pay for the army and mercenaries. Milutin was an extremely capable and ambitious politician and statesman. He managed to…

World Tourism Day

World Tourism Day Today all around the world is celebrated World Tourism Day. We will tell you some interesting information about this day, what is the purpose on a global basis and what interesting places you can visit these two days for free in Serbia. Since 1980, the United Nations World Tourism Organization has celebrated…
Serbian architecture through history

Serbian architecture through history

Serbian architecture through history In the sixth, and mostly during the seventh century, the Slavs inhabited the territory of the Balkan Peninsula. The largest migrations of Slavic tribes took place after a series of wars between the Sasidian Empire (ie Persia) and the Avar Cataganate against Byzantium (ie the Eastern Roman Empire). Insufficiently organized Slavs…

„Serbian-Russian medallions“ – Episode 3: Mihail Gligorijevic Cernjajev

„Serbian-Russian medallions“ – Episode 3: Mihail Gligorijevic Cernjajev Mikhail Grigoryevich Chernyaev (Russian: Михаил Григорьевич Черняев) (3 November / 22 October 1828, Bender, Bessarabia Governorate – 16 August 1898) was a Russian major general, who, together with Konstantin Kaufman and Mikhail Skobelev, directed the Russian conquest of Central Asia during the reign of Tsar Alexander II.…

„Serbian-Russian medallions“ – Episode 2: Mihailo Andrejevic Miloradovic

„Serbian-Russian medallions“ – Episode 2: Mihailo Andrejevic Miloradovic Count Mikhail Andreyevich Miloradovich (Russian: Граф Михаи́л Андре́евич Милора́дович, Serbian: Гроф Михаил Андрејевић Милорадовић G October 12 [O.S. October 1] 1771 – December 27 [O.S. December 15] 1825 was a Russian general of paternal Serbian origin, prominent during the Napoleonic Wars. He entered military service on the…
Sava Raguzinski

„Serbian-Russian medallions“ – Episode 1: Sava Vladislavic Raguzinski

„Serbian-Russian medallions“ – Episode 1: Sava Vladislavic Raguzinski Count Sava Lukich Vladislavich-Raguzinsky (16 January 1669 – 17 June 1738) was a Serbian merchant-adventurer and diplomat in the employ of Peter the Great. He conducted important diplomatic negotiations in Constantinople, Rome and Beijing. His most lasting achievement was the Treaty of Kiakhta, which regulated relations between…
Yogurt, Jogurt, kefir


Yogurt The origin of yogurt is unknown, but it is believed that the first yogurt originated in Mesopotamia around 5000 BC. In ancient Indian records, the combination of yogurt and honey was called the “food of the gods.” Yogurt as a divine drink was considered not only by Hindus. Namely, according to the Hebrew belief,…
International Literacy Day

International Literacy Day

International Literacy Day The idea to establish the International Literacy Day appeared in September 1966 at the World Conference of Ministers of Education, held in Tehran. The topic of this conference was solving the problem of eradicating illiteracy. September 8 was chosen as Literacy Day, and UNESCO began marking the International Literacy Day the following…

International Charity Day

International Charity Day The International Day of Charity is an international day observed annually on 5 September. It was declared by the United Nations General Assembly in 2012. The prime purpose of the International Day of Charity is to raise awareness and provide a common platform for charity related activities all over the world for…
Tupavica waterfall, Vodopad Tupavica

Tupavica Waterfall

Tupavica Waterfall – The natural jewel of Stara Planina Stara Planina is a true masterpiece of nature. The characteristic valleys, which rise towards the mountain peaks, are decorated with numerous small streams, which merge downstream to form larger watercourses. Untouched nature and breathtaking landscapes have made Stara Planina a popular destination for hikers and nature…

Leskovacka paprika

Leskovacka paprika When we think of ajvar, the first trigger is certainly the famous, widely known, Leskovac ajvar. With the designation of protected geographical origin, this product is even better positioned on the market, however, as the manufacturers say, it gained the trust of consumers long before that label. The greatest merit belongs to the…
Grza river

Springs of river Grza

Springs of river Grza Resort and river Grza In Eastern Serbia, not so far from Paracin city, the springs of river Grza are located. Grza is just 23 km long and originates from the tributaries of Ivanštica, ie Gornja and Grza, and Velika Čestobrdica. Grza itself is a left tributary of the river Crnica, which…
Blederija waterfall

Blederija Waterfall

Blederija waterfall At the foot of the mountain Miroč, at an altitude of 190m, is the Blederija waterfall. The waterfall is named after the river of the same name, which together with the tributaries Suvaja and Sokolovica flows into the Ravna river, otherwise a tributary of the Danube. It is located about 4 km from…

International Youth Day

International Youth Day Yesterday, the International Youth Day was marked around the world. Through a series of different manifestations, this day is marked with the aim of pointing out the problems that young people face, the ways in which they should act on the problem and how to direct the generations on which the world…

Mirusa Waterfalls – masterpiece of nature

Mirusa Waterfalls – masterpiece of nature Heading to the south, you will be able to experience extraordinary beauty of nature. This untouched nature that earth has created has given us an opportunity to enjoy it with a wide eyes open and with full heart. This time we take you to a place where nature created…
Rtanj mountain

Rtanj – nature that heals

Rtanj – nature that heals Although it is not time for tea, in today’s topic we will deal with the same. Ceylon tea, Mao Feng, Earl gray, desert tea are just some of the teas with exotic flavors and names, without “throwing” to the level of its healing majesty – Rtanj tea. Maybe all this…
Traditional Serbian instruments

Traditional Serbian music instruments

Traditional Serbian music instruments There is an old saying in these areas “Hit the care with joy”, indicating the importance of music for people here. In Serbia and in the Balkans in general, we have always loved to sing, play, dance. Nothing is different today. The song was a powerful weapon in the fight for…

The green jewel of Vojvodina – Zagaj Hills

The green jewel of Vojvodina – Zagaj Hills Zagajička (Zagajska) hills represent a landscape on the northeastern edge of Deliblato Sands. They cover a little more than 250 ha and represent the second protection zone within the special nature reserve “Deliblatska peščara”. Zagajička hills represent the highest part of Deliblato sands, and according to many,…
Old Crafts in Serbia, stari zanati

Old crafts in Serbia

Old Crafts in Serbia Balkanska Street in Belgrade has always was somewhat unique. At least that’s how I looked at her. I guess I gained such an impression countless times by walking and looking at the shops where old crafts have been preserved, as they defy time and the changed habits of the present in…

Medieval painting in Serbia

Medieval painting in Serbia We take you on a tour through the history of painting in Serbia Serbian painting developed within the Serbian art of building and decorating the walls of churches that were built by the Serbian nobility and kings in the 12th, 13th and 14th centuries. Nurtured between two worlds, the western and…
Beograd, Belgrade history

Belgrade through history – part 2

Belgrade through history – part 2 Looking at Belgrade through the centuries, as it changed and developed, we come to the time of Byzantine power and supremacy over the Balkan Peninsula. The Roman Empire stumbles and divides, and Singidunum remains close to the northwestern border of the Eastern Roman Empire. What was the fate of…

Uvac and the Ice cave

Uvac and the Ice cave The Uvac River in Serbia, which flows between the mountains Zlatibor and Zlatar, forms the southern border of the mountain Zlatibor, ie the northern border of the mountain Zlatar. The canyon of the river Uvac is widely known and because of the exciting meanders we often call it “Serbian Colorado”.…

Top 5 lakes in Serbia

Top 5 lakes in Serbia We present you only a few lakes that you can enjoy if you plan to spend a weekend or vacation in nature, and along the way to refresh yourself during the hot summer days. Lake Perućac Perućac Lake is an artificial lake about 2.4 km away from the eponymous place…
Belgrade through history, Beograd kroz istoriju

Belgrade through History

Belgrade through history At the confluence of the Sava and the Danube, at the crossroads of cultures, is located one of the oldest cities in Europe. A city that tells many stories and whose history dates back to the distant past, to 7000 BC, when the first settlement of one of the most important prehistoric…

Arandjelovac & Bukovicka banja

Arandjelovac & Bukovicka banja We headed towards Šumadija. One of the most forested areas in Serbia, which abounds in natural resources and which is the heart of Serbia. On the way through the beautiful Šumadija, we come across a city that enchants us with its beauty at first sight, its hidden secrets, with the spirit…
Art Aparat

Art Aparat

Art Aparat Art Aparat was founded in 2015, with the desire to use music and sound as a tool for making a change in society. Through different projects, we focus our support to those who don’t have so many opportunities to learn and develop their skills and who often feel excluded and isolated. Here are…
World Music Day, Svetski dan muzike

World Music Day – Make Music Day

World Music Day – Make Music Day Today, World Music Day is celebrated in more than 120 countries across the Globe. World Music Day is a day to organize free events in public places. It is a day to celebrate and appreciate music and to encourage amateur musicians and young artists to perform. Unfortunately, due…
Karadjordje steak, Karađorđeva šnicla

Karadjordje Steak

Karadjordje Steak Quality pork fillet meat, delicious stuffing, flour, eggs, and bread crumbs in combination make an unforgettable gastronomic experience, a specialty widely known and characteristic of this area. Do you know which dish it is? If you thought of “Karadjordje steak”, you were right. This calorie bomb was created quite by accident, as a…

Camping in Serbia

Camping in Serbia Camping is a recreational activity that involves a temporary stay in nature, for which tents or specially designed and adapted vehicles are usually used for, as well as luxury tents. Spending time in nature with a night in a tent was at one point a mere pastime embodied in turning to nature,…
Environmental protection

World Environment Day

World Environment Day World Environment Day is marked on June 5, when through campaigns and activities, attempts are made to draw attention to burning environmental problems, as well as to the need to preserve the environment. The date set for World Environment Day was set at the UN General Assembly in Stockholm in 1972. At…

Ram Fortress – synonym for the rich cultural heritage

Ram Fortress – synonym for the rich cultural heritage Ram is a fortress on the right bank of the Danube in the village that has the same name, 25 km from Pozarevac and 15 km from Veliko Gradiste and is situated a little more than 100 km from Belgrade. It is located on a rock…
Monastery of St ROman

Monastery of St. Roman

Monastery of St. Roman In a search for interesting stories from Serbia, the road led us to the monastery of St. Roman. This beautiful, mystical monastery lies on the right bank of the Morava not far from the village of Djunis. From Belgrade, the trip to the monastery takes something around 2h. The monastery of…

The magic of Zaovine Lake

The magic of Zaovine Lake When you head to Tara, a national park, an unmissable place to visit is Zaovina Lake, which, with several viewpoints, provides a unique view and a unique feeling. It is part of numerous postcards, and it certainly deserves to be one of the most recognizable tourist places. We bring you…
International day of biodiversity

International Day for Biological Diversity 2021

International Day for Biological Diversity 2021 Biological diversity represents the variety of plants, animals, and microorganisms, but it includes as well genetic differences among species — like between varieties of plants or breeds of livestock — it also includes the variety of ecosystems such as lakes, mountains, seas, and oceans, forest, deserts, agricultural landscapes where…

Strudla – part of Serbian culinary tradition

Strudla – part of Serbian culinary tradition The dessert that has become an indispensable part of the Serbian table and extends through its tradition and gathers the family for generations and makes that holiday table even richer. While you are tasting your favorite dessert or planning to try its preparation, we will tell you where…
Boxing, Radnicki, bokseri Radnicki, Abasov, Fedorov

Boxing as a way of life

Boxing as a Way of Life In today’s blog, we bring you the story of two Russian boxers who are defending the colors of our friends from the Radnički boxing club from Belgrade with great success. These top-notch athletes are fully committed to boxing. Success is the only motivation to continue even stronger towards the…

Palic lake

Palic Lake In the very north of Serbia, there is a charming lake, in the immediate vicinity of which there is a mini zoo, a horse stable and what will especially be thrilling for wine lovers is numerous wines from a well-known winery. You guessed right. Lake Palić attracts numerous tourists, and on the way…
Serbian music

Serbian music

Serbian music through history In Serbia and the Balkans in general, you can’t imagine any celebration without a lot of music and dance. It used to be like that, and it is like that now. We don’t say for no reason here “Hit the care with joy.” It was sung throughout history on various occasions,…

Sokobanja – Green heart of Serbia

Sokobanja – Green heart of Serbia Sokobanja – as it is also called “Green Heart of Serbia” is located at an altitude of about 400 m above sea level. The river Sokobanjska Moravica flows through Sokobanja. It is a well-known tourist destination for recreational, and especially spa tourism. It is located between the Carpathian and…
Environmental protection, zaštita životne sredine

Environmental Protection

Environmental Protection The world has been facing several environmental challenges for a long time. A list of burning problems we will face from day to day with all our souls. Caring for the environment is the basis for human existence, as well as one of the key factors for a healthy development society Environmental protection…
Rtanj mountain


Rtanj A real natural gem is located in eastern Serbia. It is approximately 250 km away from Belgrade and belongs to the system of the Carpathian Mountains. Due to its specific karst relief, the formed arrangement of rocks had a very large impact on the development of vegetation, as well as on water sources and…
Chinese Language Day

Chinese Language Day

Chinese Language Day More than a billion people in the world speak the Chinese language as their mother tongue. This extremely complex language is well-known as one of the most demanding languages, but it is also deeply rooted in history and known for thousands of years. Today, again, precisely because of its mass, it is…

Nature’s wonder – Đavolja Varoš

Nature’s wonder – Đavolja Varoš Pack your bags and go to one of the most spectacular places earth have created and makes a real masterpiece. That’s right, the next destination we are talking about is Đavolja Varoš. Đavolja Varoš features 202 exotic formations described as earth pyramids or “towers”, as the locals refer to them.…
komplet lepinja

Komplet lepinja

Komplet lepinja A very interesting specialty comes from Western Serbia. This is a real energy bomb, and it represents the gastronomic, hedonistic delicacy that originates from the surroundings of Užice and is therefore often called the Užice bun (“Užička lepinja”). If we would ask a specialized gastronomic portal, a set of buns is the number…

Through the memory lane of Vrnjacka banja & its significance

Through the memory lane of Vrnjacka banja & its significance We present you the queen of spas through its rich history, natural resources and tourist attractions. The queen of spa tourism, as Vrnjačka Banja is informally called, has long been known for its healing springs. This area has been inhabited since prehistoric times. Archaeological spots,…
Sergei Polunin

Sergei Polunin Foundation

Sergei Polunin Foundation Sergei Polunin is one of the world’s most pre-eminent ballet dancers. Sergei Polunin was born on November 20, 1989, in Kherson (Ukrainian SSR). At the age of 13, he moved to London where he studied at the British Royal Ballet School. At the age of 19, Sergei Polunin was named the Royal…
International Sports Day for Development and Peace

International Sports Day for Development and Peace 2021

International Sports Day for Development and Peace On August 23, 2013, the General Assembly of the United Nations, with the support of the International Olympic Committee (IOC), launched an initiative to establish the celebration of the “International Day of Sport for Development and Peace”. The idea behind the celebration of this day is to celebrate…
Bombardovanje Beograda, Belgrade bombing

80th anniversary of the Nazi bombing of Belgrade

80th anniversary of the Nazi bombing of Belgrade April 6 marks the 80th anniversary of the bombing of Belgrade and the attack of Nazi Germany on the Kingdom of Yugoslavia in the Second World War. On that occasion, the Russian Center for Science and Culture “Russian House” in Belgrade, in cooperation with the City of…


Prebranac Pasulj is a bean soup made of usually white, cranberry or pinto beans, and more rarely kidney beans, that is common in Serbian, Montenegrin, Bosnian and Croatian, Macedonian cuisine (former Yugoslavia). It is normally prepared with meat, particularly smoked meat such as smoked bacon, sausage, and ham hock, and is a typical winter dish.…


Golija In southwestern Serbia, west of Raska, in the shape of the Latin letter S, lies the mountain Golija. Vast forest expanses, lush pastures, and clear springs are home to about 1,091 species of wildlife. In 2001, UNESCO declared the Golija – Studenica Biosphere Reserve within over 75,000 ha. The beautiful mountain landscapes of Golija…
boxing club radnicki

Another great performance by BC Radnicki Belgrade

Another great performance by BC Radnicki Belgrade Sports greetings dear friends of sports, Last night on Sunday, March 28, 2021., a team match was held between the boxing club Partizan and the boxing club Radnički Belgrade. Unfortunately, another boxing spectacle was held due to the pandemic crisis without the presence of the audience, while respecting…

Glitter of poetry

Glitter of poetry Do we forget in everyday life the most subtle emotions that poetry evokes and that brings us closer to ourselves? World Poetry Day is celebrated on March 21 and was established by UNESCO in 1999. The purpose of this day is to promote reading, writing, publishing and poetry in schools around the…
World Water Day

World Water Day 2021

World Water Day 2021 Each year, on the 22nd of March we celebrate World Water Day. Based on the 1992 UN resolution, World Water Day was established as a need to point out the problems with the most important natural resource – water. The following year, 1993, the first World Water Day was marked, and…

Spinach – More than a vegetable

Spinach – More than a vegetable Do you know where spinach comes from and what it is that makes it indispensable and one of the most nutritious foods that is very common on the Serbian table. We bring you the story of spinach. Spinach came to the European table in the 11th century, when the…


Trsic Not far from Loznica, only some 9 km from the town on the slopes of Gucevo, there is a village of just over 1200 inhabitants named Trsic. What is Trsic famous for? What is it that makes this place special, which is why Trsic was declared by the Government of Serbia as a protected…

Sopocani Monastery

Sopocani Monastery We take you to the south of Serbia, where nature created exceptional sceneries. At the Raska region Sopocani monastery is situated and we`ll tell you more of its history. In the 1160s, the Great Zupan Stefan Nemanja consolidated his power on the throne in Raska. Although Nemanja’s sons got the title of king…
sargan 8, sarganska osmica

Sargan Eight

Sargan Eight Do you remember the train named „Ćira“? The fairytale landscapes through which Ćira passed to form a unique narrow-gauge railway complex “Sargan eight ” („Šarganska osmica“) and represent a true masterpiece of Serbian industrial heritage. Bridging the height differences of 300 meters of a total length of 3.5 km, exactly 100 years ago,…

Stories from Kovacica

Stories from Kovacica We are quite sure that your curiosity and love for art at least once took you to the center of the naive, Kovacica. This time we decided to spend a sunny March day in this picturesque village where we enjoyed the hospitality of the locals, the unique naivety and all the beauty…
Burek traditional food

His puff pastry majesty – Burek!

His puff pastry majesty – Burek! The story of food has sweetened us these days, and in the new blog, we bring you a text about another I-can-freely-say specialty characteristic of this area, burek! There are serious debates about who is responsible for the fact that we enjoy burek today and that burek has become…
World Wild Day 2021

World Wildlife Day

World Wildlife Day Each March the 3rd around the Globe the World Wildlife Day is being celebrated. On 20 December 2013, at its 68th session, the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) proclaimed 3 March – the day of signature of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES) in…
Boxing - Serbia - click for Serbia-Radnicki-Belgrade

It’s time for boxing

It’s time for boxing Last night Kragujevac city was a host of a boxing spectacle. Our friends from Boxing Club Radnicki Belgrade came to settle a score with their great sports rivals and national squad colleagues from the club with the same name – Radnicki (from Kragujevac). As usual, boxing spectacles like every other sports…
sauerkraut - kiseli kupus

Квашеная капуста объединяет!

Сарма, свадбарски купус (в буквальном переводе "свадебная капуста"), подварак – это лишь некоторые из блюд, характерных для стран юго-восточной Европы и особенно Западных Балкан. Рецепты и традиции, которые веками передавались из поколения в поколение, стали настолько характерными, что мы считаем их гастрономическим наследием этого региона

Lepenski vir

Lepenski vir On the right bank of the Danube, next to the Đerdap gorge, lies one of the most important Mesolithic and Neolithic archeological sites. It spreads through the central part of the Balkan Peninsula. Lepenski vir was named after the Danube whirlpool, which was the center of one of the most important known prehistoric…
international mother language day

International Mother Language Day

International Mother Language Day International Mother Language Day is celebrated on Sunday, February 21. 21 years ago, at the General Assembly, UNESCO passed a provision marking the International Day of Languages as a remembrance of the unpleasant event from 1952. Namely, in Dhaka in eastern Pakistan, on the territory of today’s Bangladesh, a rebellion of…
Nikola Tesla

The story of Nikola Tesla

Nikola Tesla – a short story about one of the most fascinating minds in the history of the world The other day I was reminded of the movie Prestige. Do you remember this great film by Christopher Nolan (based on the book of the same name by Christopher Priest) about two illusionists? The plot of…
Serbian cuisine in the 19th century

Serbian cuisine in the 19th century

Serbian cuisine in the 19th century Serbian cuisine is very diverse, so diverse that it is very difficult to pinpoint the origins of the dishes that are traditionally eaten in a typical Serbian house. Dishes can vary from region to region, as well as ways of their preparation. Whatever the differences are, one thing is…
Saint Sava video

Discover Serbia – The story about Saint Sava (Part 2/2)

The story about Saint Sava (Part 2/2) Part 2 of the conversation with Luka Mičeta, journalist, historian, and creator of numerous books about the Nemanjić dynasty & Serbian Church Autocephaly. We talked about probably the most important person in whole Serbian history – Rastko Nemanjić Saint Sava!   Enjoy! Categories Discover Serbia Education Culture Sports…

Climate & Nature in Serbia

Climate & Nature in Serbia Perhaps more than ever, during last year we had the opportunity to visit almost every corner of our beautiful country and experience many landscapes that take your breath away with their beauty and uniqueness. At any time of the year, the destinations we head to will definitely enchant us and…
Serbian folklore costume

Serbian folklore costume

Serbian folklore costume Folk costumes play a very important role in creating symbols of national and ethnic identity. Folk costumes differ from one end of Serbia to the other, and the things they have in common are very impressive aesthetic elements. Every region in Serbia has some special clothing element, whether it is a motif…
International Day of Education

International Day of Education

International Day of Education Education should be a basic human right, which should not ever be stripped away. Every child must have a chance to receive a proper inclusive education with equitable quality everywhere around the Globe. Education should be an available lifelong opportunity for everyone everywhere. Despite living in the 21st century racial and…
Divčibare view


Divčibare At about 980m above sea level on the mountain Maljen, near the town of Valjevo, a small, pretty, tourist village Divčibare is located. According to the 2011 census, Divčibare had only 141 permanent residents. This mountain field stretches from Crni vrh (the second highest peak of the Maljen mountain, at 1098 m above sea…
Saint Sava

Saint Sava – interesting moments from his life, things you may not have known

Saint Sava – interesting moments from his life, things you may not have known Today is Saint Sava day – a school holiday. This a day when the life and work of the first Serbian cosmopolitan and great educator should be celebrated! We will probably not be wrong when we say that Saint Sava is…

Zlatibor Mountain

Zlatibor Mountain – Nature & Gourmet heaven Whenever we think of a place of adventure, cultural heritage, food, sports & fun we think of a Zlatibor mountain. Magnificent nature scenery, tasty traditional food & numerous sports activities are awaiting every visitor. If you are only passing by Zlatibor it is always a must stop for…
St Sava, Sveti Sava, Hram Svetog Save, St Sava temple

Discover Serbia – St Sava Temple

Discover Serbia – St Sava Temple Categories Discover Serbia Education Culture Sports Videos
Kajmak, kaymak, traditional food, click for serbia, serbian culture


Каймак обладает мягким, сливочным, насыщенным вкусом и является идеальным завтраком и дополнением к чевапчичам, благодаря которому они приобретают особый аромат. Вы угадали! Тема сегодняшнего гастротура – каймак! Каймак – это распространенное блюдо в балканских странах, но его обожают и на Ближнем Востоке.*

Shajkaca – Symbol of Tradition

Shajkaca – Symbol of Tradition What first comes to your mind when you mention the Serbian clothing tradition. That must be „opanci“ and „shajkaca“, traditional shoes and hat. In this blog, we bring you interesting details about the traditional Serbian cap. Although even today it is an inviolable part of the traditional costume and is…
Winter home-canning, Zimnica, Serbian culture, Serbian food, Serbian tradition, click for Serbia

Зимница (зимние заготовки)

Запах печеного перца означает, что лето подходит к концу и нужно потихоньку начинать подготовку к зимнему сезону. Айвар, пинджур, квашеная капуста, огурцы, морковь или цветная капуста. Все это любимые лакомства, которые мы будем есть зимой.

Zlatar Mountain

Zlatar Mountain If you are searching for a pure untouched nature, Zlatar Mountain offers rich flora & fauna, magnificent sceneries and it is proclaimed as an Air Spa. Let go for a walk through the one of the most beautiful Serbian mountains. Zlatar Mountain with the highest top called Golo brdo (1.627 m in altitude)…
Slava, click for Serbia, Serbian Slava, tradition


Slava Slava is the third most important holiday besides Christmas and Easter for Orthodox believers in Serbia and Republika Srpska. This beautiful family tradition is also called baptismal slava or baptismal name. Interestingly, Slava as a tradition is only celebrated by Orthodox Christian Serbians, so it is often presented as a sign of the identity…
Orthodox Christmas

Orthodox Christmas

Orthodox Christmas Christmas is often called the happiest Christian holiday. Christmas is believed to bring joy, love, and harmony. It is a holy day that celebrates family and family values, and is preceded by a series of customs that begin 3 weeks before. Ortodox Christmas and the customs that accompany it It all starts with…
Vanilice, Serbian food, tradition

Ванилице – традиционное сербское лакомство

Сладость, которая возвращает нас в детство и оставляет незабываемые воспоминания для нового поколения. Знаменитые ванилице являются частью сербской кулинарной традиции. *Варенье – вкус традиции* Фруктовое варенье очень популярно в Сербии и балканских странах. Крупные кусочки фруктов, а часто и целые плоды утопают в густом сиропе. Для приготовления варенья можно использовать различные фрукты, такие как инжир, виноград, айву, сливы, вишню, малину, клубнику, ежевику, практически любые фрукты и ягоды, которые придут вам в голову. В густой сахарный сироп часто добавляют лимон, ваниль или корицу для аромата.
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Discover Serbia – Monastery Manasija

Monastery Manasija Categories Discover Serbia Education Culture Sports Videos
Serbian Basketball Team

The Serbian National Basketball team – a Way-back Machine part 4

The Serbian National Basketball team – a Way-back Machine part 4 Hello again, fellow sports fans! This week, we are following the paths of the glory of the Serbian basketball team. We will start the last exciting part of the story in Turkey, at the World Cup, after which I had to change the remote…
banjska rock viewpoint, Serbia, Tara

Discover Serbia – Tara – Banjska stena viewpoint

Discover Serbia – Tara – Banjska stena viewpoint The name Banjska stena comes from Banjsko spring, which is a spring at the foot of the viewpoint. It is one of the most popular and most beautiful viewpoints of Serbia. Situated several km from Mitrovac, you can reach it by using one of the two marked…
Kopaonik the sunny mountain

Kopaonik – Sunny mountain

Kopaonik – Sunny mountain National Park Kopaonik is a protected zone, one part of the mountain, and by the number of endemic species represents one of the most significant centers of biodiversity of endemic flora in Serbia. At the same time this is one of the largest skiing centers in the country. This mountain range…
Serbian Basketball team

The Serbian Basketball team – a Way-back Machine part 3

The Serbian National Basketball team – a Way-back Machine part 3 Hello again, fellow sports fans! This week, just like last week, we are taking you on an interesting journey through time, where we will hang out with the aces of Serbian and Yugoslav basketball. The continuation of this interesting journey through time brings us…

Viminacium – A place where Roman Emperors were born

Viminacium – A place where Roman Emperors were born Once upon a time, there was a Roman empire! This is a story of the Roman city & legionary fort Viminacium and its history!🏛️ Viminacium is one of around a hundred cities that existed in the Roman Empire. So, what makes Viminacium so special? Is it…

Dual Education

Dual Education – New knowlegde for a new era! Dual education has becoming more and more popular way of connecting companies and young people who are still in their educational process. This system has many beneficial aspects as provides young people to gain experience in their field of interest and be familiar whit the working…
Serbian National Basketball team

The Serbian National Basketball team – a Way-back Machine part 2

The Serbian National Basketball team – a Way-back Machine part 2 Hello, fellow sports fans! I am glad that you could make to the second part of our journey, a journey through history, a journey that follows the path of success of the Serbian National Basketball team. This is the team that brought happiness and…
Tradition of herb collecting, ecology, click for Serbia

The tradition of herb collecting

Tradition of herb collecting Centuries ago, the tradition of collecting medicinal herbs and their use in the treatment and support of health has a very important role. The territory of Serbia, thanks to its geographical position, geological diversity, as well as the influence of various climatic factors, is one of the most important centers of…
Serbian national basketball team

Serbian national basketball team – a way back machine!

Serbian national basketball team – a way back machine! Great move now by Marciulionis (FIBA EuroBasket MVP). He scores his 12 points! Djordjevic takes the ball under the basket, passes to Obradovic, Obradovic launches the counterattack by throwing a great whole-court pass to Danilović who is in the run, Danilovicm Danilović…. ohohohoo, this is for…
Viminacium ancient roman city, discover Serbia, Serbian culture,, heritage, click for Serbia

Viminacium – Ancient Roman city

Let us walk you through the ancient Roman city & its history! VIMINACIUM is a Roman city of emperors and a legionary camp from the 1st century AD. It was located in the Roman province, Upper Moesia (Moesia Superior), which included the largest part of today’s Serbia, northern Macedonia and part of northwestern Bulgaria. The…
Discover Serbia

Discover Serbia – The land & Culture that we love

Discover Serbia – The land & Culture that we love Categories Discover Serbia Education Culture Sport
Discover Serbia Kalemegdan

Discover Serbia – Kalemegdan

Discover Serbia – Kalemegdan Categories Discover Serbia Education Culture Sport
Golubac fortress, discover Serbia

Discover Serbia – The Medieval Golubac Fortress

The Medieval Golubac Fortress Categories Discover Serbia Education Culture Sport
Slatko, Serbian tradition, Serbian food

Варенье – вкус традиции

Фруктовое варенье очень популярно в Сербии и балканских странах. Крупные кусочки фруктов, а часто и целые плоды утопают в густом сиропе. Для приготовления варенья можно использовать различные фрукты, такие как инжир, виноград, айву, сливы, вишню, малину, клубнику, ежевику, практически любые фрукты и ягоды, которые придут вам в голову.
golden glove

63. Golden Glove – Sombor

63. Golden glove – Sombor Last night in Sombor, the 63rd Golden Glove was completed. In the hall of the Soko sports center, Serbia saw new champions. The golden glove was won by the Serbian boxer Vahid Abasov, who was the star of the evening, winning in the final fight of the holder of the…
Shaolin culture by Marta Neskovic

Shaolin Culture from Marta Neskovic perspective!

Shaolin Culture from Marta Nešković prespective We take you to an unusual journey from Shaolin Temple with Marta Nešković. Marta Nešković is a PhD student at the Department of Ethnology and Anthropology at the Faculty of Philosophy in Belgrade. She completed her physics studies at the Faculty of Pierre and Marie Curie (Paris 6), which…
Sirogojno, Serbian tradition

Sirogojno – The tradition and art of knitting wool products

Sirogojno – The tradition and art of knitting wool products When a tradition gathers enough strength to go on for centuries, you don’t just turn it off one day.    Chinua Achebe Like said above, some of the traditions are beautiful and worth cherishing. We are bringing you a beautiful story from Sirogojno, Zlatibor, where the…
Russian tradition

Russian Tradition

Russian Tradition   Russian traditions consist of very interesting blend of Christian and pagan customs. For many centuries they have determined the rhythm and the lifestyle of the nation – from clearly written annual calendar to marriage and other rituals. Even non-religious people often enjoy celebrations of national holidays and execute certain rituals. Weddings, removals,…
Čvarci, Serbian traditional food, click for Serbia, discover Serbia

Чварци (шкварки) – традиционный сербский деликатес

На носу зима, а это время, когда на столе появляется любимая сербская закуска – чварци. Поначалу чварци считались едой для бедных, однако вскоре превратились в известный сербский деликатес. Виноделие в Сербии – путешествие в историю* Отправляемся в путешествие по миру виноделия в Сербии. Сядьте поудобнее, налейте бокал своего любимого вина и присоединяйтесь к нашему вкусному путешествию!
Pavel Babka, naive, painting

Pavel Babka – the story about the village Kovačica and naive art

Pavel Babka – the story about the village Kovačica and naive art The existence of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), which prescribed the rules in the area of copyright as well, is beneficial.   Mr. Babka speaks about Kovačica, and how this small village in Serbia has become the world’s naïve art metropolis: „We,…
Boxing club Radnicki

Boxing club Radnicki won the Serbian championship

Click For Serbia, as a friend and partner of the Radnički boxing club, congratulates the boxers on their great success and winning the individual Serbian boxing championship for 2020. In that way, the Radnički Boxing Club continues the continuity of good results after winning the Serbian team boxing championship.
banjska stena

Banjska stena

Come and join us on the road to one, as per visitor choice, the most breathtaking one. The viewpoint Banjska stena is located 10 kilometers from Mitrovac. The road to the viewpoint is marked, with benches at the top of it and elevated at 1,065m above sea level, offers an unforgettable view of the artificial lake Perućac and the Drina canyon.
Raca Monastery

Raca Monastery – part 2

Raca Monastery I was always amazed at how the great construction ventures used to be performed. It is fascinating to know that in the past, it was much easier for people to find motivation and gather around a common goal, a goal that is above each individual, a goal that contributes to the community. How…
Raca Monastery

Raca Monastery

The next stop on our journey through Serbia is hidden behind the river Raca, tucked away in beautiful nature. This is a story of the Raca monastery!

Zasavica – a journey through this unusual ecosystem

Zasavica – a journey through this unusual ecosystem Habitat of hundreds of birds, as well as 16 animal species. A perfect blend of flora and fauna awaits you in the Zasavica nature reserve. In this blog, we take you on a journey through this unusual ecosystem. The Zasavica Special Nature Reserve was placed under state…
Ovcar-Kablar Gorge

Ovcar-Kablar Gorge

Ovčar-Kablar Gorge Hello everyone. I am glad that you managed to join us on another trip through our beautiful Serbia. Our next stop is Ovčar-Kablar Gorge, a very special piece of nature in many different ways. This Gorge, surrounded by a vivid nature is a natural habitat for many rare, and protected animal species, and…
winemaking in Serbia

Виноделие в Сербии - путешествие по истории

Займите удобное место, налейте бокал своего любимого вина и присоединяйтесь к нам в этом восхитительном путешествии! Да, вы угадали! Вы проследите вместе с нами винные маршруты по Сербии с самого начала и до сегодняшнего дня.
Deca Deci

Музыка - универсальный язык, который разрушает границы и наводит мосты

некоммерческая организация, основанная в 2007 году совместно с Белградской филармонией при поддержке Скупщины города Белграда. Фонд привлекает специалистов в различных областях, любителей классической музыки и нацелен на продвижение детского образования в сфере классической музыки.


Кадиньяча - это село, расположенное на дороге Ужице - Баина Башта. Кадиньяча находится в 14 км от города Ужице, в окружении красивой природы и подходит для выращивания картофеля, производства малины и производства знаменитого сербского сливового бренди – ракии.
Foundation 1%

Foundation 1% support young talents

Foundation 1% support young talents Support young pianist to make his dream come true Foundation 1% is non-profit organization that is supporting young talent from Serbia to maintain their education in the best universities in the world. Andrej Markovic, 18 years old teenager, is one of the most talented and perspective young pianist in Serbia.…
Tara National park

Tara National Park

Tara National Park The Tara National Park is one of the 5 Serbian national parks and it is one of the most attractive national parks. As there are numerous touristic attractions, it is considered as one of the most beautiful Serbian destinations. Tara is famous by wild nature beauties and viewpoints. Tara belongs to the…

Учитесь через игру

Learn through Play FREE GIFT FOR YOUR KID New week of free gifts is continuing, let your kids learn new objects by using our material. This week kids will be learning objects that are related to the bedroom . Beside language, maths is one of the bases that every kid should learn (math enhances intelligence),…

БК Радницки Чемпионы!

ПОЗДРАВЛЯЕМ НАШИХ ЧЕМПИОНОВ! Этот сезон отличался от всех предыдущих. В этом сезоне Boxing Club Radnicki отмечает 100-летие, в этом сезоне BC Radnicki боролся за 9-й чемпионат Сербии в своих руках, в этом сезоне матчи проводились в чрезвычайных обстоятельствах (COVID19), а в этом году Click For Serbia поддержал BC Radnicki на пути к…


Вкус зимы сочетается в Айваре Сентябрь - это обычно время, когда люди готовят традиционные сербские блюда на зиму. Это время, когда вы можете почувствовать запах жареного перца и попробовать традиционный сербский айвар домашнего приготовления. Один из самых известных и признанных Айвар из Лесковаца. Слово Айвар…

БК Раднички напротив БК Лозница

После длительного перерыва из-за Covid-19 Боксерская лига Сербии снова актуальна. 16 сентября в Белграде состоится большой суперфинал между БК Раднички Белград и БК Лозница.

Знаменитая ракия

Сербия - страна садов и полей с различными овощами. Фермеры увидели пользу фруктов и начали производить самый популярный сербский напиток - знаменитую ракию. Ракию изготавливают из различных фруктов, но самой известной и самой популярной является ракия Сливовица, которую получают путем перегонки слив. В Сербии нет дома, в котором нет хотя бы одной бутылки ракии.
School, Kids, children, education, clickforserbia

Учитесь через игру

Учиться через БЕСПЛАТНЫЙ ПОДАРОК ДЛЯ ВАШЕГО РЕБЕНКА Неделя бесплатных подарков продолжается, пусть ваши дети узнают новые предметы, используя наши материалы. На этой неделе дети будут изучать предметы, связанные с кухней. Помимо языка, математика является одной из основ, которую должен изучать каждый ребенок (математика повышает интеллект), поэтому наши…
Zavoj Lake, Serbia, serbien

Озеро Завой

На юго-востоке Сербии, недалеко от города Пирот, на реке Височица, образовалось красивое искусственное озеро Завой. Озеро расположено недалеко от сербской и болгарской границ, прямо между горой Стара Планина на севере и Видличем на юге.
Education, learning, click for serbia

Учитесь через игру

Лучший способ развлечь детей и побудить их учиться новому - это игры. Подготовка интересных учебных материалов для детей привлечет их внимание и заставит их хотеть узнавать что-то новое.
don't litter, no excuses, ecology, Serbia, click for Serbia


«Не мусори! Это непростительно» является одним из основных долгосрочных проектов и комплексных общественных кампаний, которые фонд SBB разработал и реализовал в течение пяти лет. Цель…
Education, school, back to school, click for Serbia

Возвращение в школу

Летние каникулы подходят к концу, и родители и дети готовятся к началу нового учебного года. Очень важно подготовить детей, особенно новичков, к новому началу.
Taorska Springs, Serbia, Serbien, Discover Serbia, Visit Serbia, Explore Serbia, click for serbia

Источники Таора захватывающие дух

Сербия - это страна, потенциал которой еще полностью не раскрыт и которой есть что предложить. Вы можете найти природу, которая захватывает дух и дополняет пейзажи Сербии. В красивом районе Валево, в западной части Сербии, у подножия горы Повлен, находятся Таорские сточники.

Каякинг по каньонам Увца

Путешествие - одно из моих любимых увлечений. Когда я был моложе, я в основном ездил за границу в «тусовочные» туры и по самым известным местам. Когда мне исполнилось 30, я начал ценить другие вещи и понял, насколько прекрасна Сербия и как много она может предложить. Моя недавно открытая страсть к кемпингу помогла мне лучше понять природу, расслабиться и обрести душевный покой.

Озеро Тавница

Если вы любитель природы и любите быть окруженными нетронутой дикой красотой, есть очаровательное бирюзово-голубое озеро. Озеро Тавница находится недалеко от города Нова Варош и считается одним из самых интересных озер Сербии.
BC Radnicki, sports in Serbia, support sports in Serbia, sports, click for Serbia

Основные моменты BC Radnicki Полуфинал

Boxing League of Serbia BC Radnicki got his spot in the finals The Semi-final of the boxing league of Serbia has been successful for the BC Radnicki Belgrade as they reserved their spot for the finals. BC Radnicki Belgrade has won against BC Naissus with a result of 10:4 in the semi-final. The boxing league…

Сербский Прованс в Воеводине

Летом жизнь становится ярче и красочнее, поют птицы, люди улыбаются и путешествуют.

Средневековая крепость Голубац

Если вы посещаете восточную Сербию, средневековая крепость - это туристическое место, которое обязательно должно быть в вашем списке. Это одна из наиболее хорошо сохранившихся средневековых крепостей в Сербии, так как она была отреставрирована несколько лет назад. Стены Голубаца несколько раз защищали город и, как считается, были построены в начале 14 века. Крепость расположена на высокой скале, у входа в знаменитые Железные ворота. Она является частью национального парка Джердап, который является одним из самых известных национальных парков Сербии.
BC Radnicki, boxing in Serbia, Boxing club Radnicki, sports in Serbia


Лига бокса приостановлена из-за Covid-19, боксерский сезон продолжится после небольшого перерыва. Этот период был тяжелым для всех бойцов, к счастью, ситуация в мире улучшается, и дела постепенно приходят в норму. Таким образом, полуфинал боксерской лиги состоится 27 июня в 20.00 в спортивном зале БК «Радницки» в Белграде по адресу Vojvode Supljikca 31, Белград.
Nisville festival

Фестиваль "Нишвилл"

Международный джазовый фестиваль «Нишвилл» – наиболее посещаемый фестиваль в юго-восточной Европе, который с момента основания в 1995 году неизменно защищает европейские ценности мультикультурализма и внимательно относится к утонченному музыкальному вкусу посетителей фестиваля
Sports in Serbia, Boxing club Radnicki

Боксерский клуб Раднички

"Боксерский клуб «Раднички Белград" Раднички» – это сочетание традиций и побед. Это старейший боксерский клуб в Сербии, имеющий более чем столетнюю историю. Клуб основан в 1920 году. Удостоен девяти титулов чемпиона страны в командном зачете, тридцати восьми титулов
Music Art Project, education in Serbia, click for Serbia, education, culture

Music and Art Project

Музыкально-художественный проект (MAP) Музыкально-художественный проект (MAP) – это организация, которая уже шесть лет дает шансы и надежду на равные права для социально уязвимых детей и детей с расселенных территорий с помощью программы «Музыка надежды» (Muzika nade). Эта образовательная и социально-инклюзивная модель применяется…